Bedform Kinematics in Ancient Environments
Collaborators: Vamsi Ganti (UCSB)
September 2018 - present
Bedform kinematics are recorded within the Earth's stratigraphic record as well as the rock records of other planetary bodies. Quantifying effects of bedform kinematics have on the development of stratigraphic deposits enables reconstruction of paleohydrologic variability and paleosediment transport rates in both terrestrial and planetary systems. As a post-doctoral scholar at the University of California - Santa Barbara I am using experimental data to quantify the preservation potential of unsteady flow conditions in the stratigraphic record. The driving questions of this research are: (1) How and how much time is recorded in unsteady flow conditions, and (2) Can we discern different paleoflood conditions (i.e. flashy vs. normal flooding) from the stratigraphic record? Preliminary results suggest increased preservation during the waning stages of a flood event due to the development of bedform hierarchies. Understanding the effects of unsteady flow on the development of stratigraphic deposits sheds light on both magnitude of paleoflow and the shape of the paleohydrograph. I am also currently planning for a series of flume experiments to investigate the transport and preservation dynamics of three-dimensional bedforms.