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What was most valuable to you about this course? “Kate!”

“Kate was a great instructor!! Very Clear and extremely helpful.”

“She was always more than willing to help whenever I had a question, made the class interesting, and kept the class under a happy and fun climate.”

“Kate Leary spent the time to teach me the subject and even if I used every minute of that lab she was as helpful as the first minute.”

“Couldn’t have asked for more out of an instructor. She not only always had time for me, she was able to explain things in a context that made more sense to me. She made the class more enjoyable and really made an effort to clearly convey the material of the class. One of the best teachers I’ve come across at this university.”

“Because she is very explaining ans [sic] has a good way of teaching by capturing our attention with real life events and real places that we are or might be most interested. She was awesome. I really enjoyed this class with Kate.”

“She [Kate] is a really nice person, answers all my questions and made me comfortable and exited [sic] to learn.”